About Us

ASPR Marketing Pvt Ltd. is registered under Registrat of Companies, Telangana at Hyderabad under Companies Act 1956. Registration No. U521 00AP2009PTC063335. The Company is also registered with the commercial Taxes Department of Telangana GST Reg. No. 36AAHCA6589J1Z3


According to numerous business publications "Network Marketing is also known as Direct Marketing". It is one of the fastest growing merchandising methods in the world today. It is a process in which individual helps each other individual to achieve goals. According to Beverly Adler, a famous research scholar of marketing plans, there are over 5 lakh millionaires in the United States and 20% of them made their fortune in the Direct Marketing. In all over the world million of people enjoy the personal and financial rewards available through this dynamic concept. Others who are less informed are losing this opportunity. Generally in traditional business a product must travel through a series of Distributor/ Dealers, Wholesalers, Retailer before it reaches the Consumer. Inflating to its cost to multifold. But ASPR Marketing Pvt Ltd.on the other hand is most modern means of selling the product to the free enterprise system. a system where products are moved from manufacturers to the consumers by eliminating all costly intermediate levels.


To provide an earning opportunity to middle and below middle class people, and to solve unemployment problem as much as possible through ourfirm.